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An engineering project manager needs to be knowledgeable about engineering as well as project management. So list both engineering and project management tools like this applicant has done.

project manager resume examples

Contemporary templates perfect for new job seekers or anyone looking for a fresh start. Tweak your resume achievements to prove those PM-related skills. When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better. Switched company to new high-velocity air technique for better efficiency in big jobs. Managed the highly successful Lean Training project for three years. Improved quality by 32%, cut lead times 21%, cut costs 48%.

How to Write a Cover Letter

As a Project Manager, you must be able to lead teams and drive projects to successful completion. Be sure to provide examples of when you have taken charge of a situation or been in a leadership role. All project manager resume examples should contain such contact info as your full name, phone number, and email address. Additionally, you can also provide links to your social media. Explosive growth in the healthcare job market is creating unprecedented career opportunities for project managers. Driven by aging population demographics, the explosive rate of healthcare job market growth means demand for project managers in this sector is just as robust. Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare employment is projected to grow 16% percent from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the overall occupational average.

project manager resume examples

Be sure to use a reverse chronological format, quantify your achievements with numbers and data, and tailor your resume to each job that you apply for. Senior project managers are responsible for their projects throughout the process, from planning to hiring, budgeting, and completion. A senior project manager will oversee a management team, set deadlines, facilitate communication, source suppliers, and provide high-level feedback. Seniors project management resumes highlight previous project management experience and successes, along with general managerial skills and industry knowledge.

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Gained industrial experience by working in Power Plant, Gas Plants, Water and Sewage, Well Pads, Gathering Centers and Flow Stations, as well as in Pipelines industry. Exhibit excellent how to become a project manager organizational, business acumen, and quantitative skills, combined with a track record of success and the capacity to assume increasingly significant responsibilities.

  • The education level may vary widely based on the industry type, but on-the-job training and a degree pertaining to the project is mandatory to seek this position.
  • This way, potential employers can see your most recent accomplishments first as they scan your resume.
  • WRONGIn charge of electronics project management for major manufacturing facility.
  • If you’re newer to the role, try getting entry-level certifications like those offered by Hubspot or Google Ads.
  • The best project managers have the ability to wear numerous hats.
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