TXA Executive Committee


Honorary President 名譽會長
Stephen Chan 陳允亨

Honorary Life President 永遠榮譽會長
[Kwok Cheng Lee 李國章]
[Steve Wong 黃家穩]

Honorary Counsellors 名譽顧問
(Chinese National Champions; Ordered by the time they first visited Toronto)
Hu RongHua 胡榮華
[Yang GuanLin 楊官璘]
Lu Qin 呂欽
Xu TianHong 徐天紅
Liu DaHua 柳大華
Zhao GuoRong 趙國榮
Tao HanMing 陶漢明

Executive Committee Directors 執委會理事
(Ordered by the time they became Director)
Peter Sung 宋德柔 1988
Elton Yuen 阮國衡 1988
Paul Ng 吳嶽林 1988
Bill Brydon 白禮頓 1995
Stephen Chan 陳允亨 1996
Yip Shing Ng 伍業誠 1996
Tak Hing Tsui 徐德興 1997
Ximing Zheng 鄭熙明 2001
Joseph Tam 譚標成 2003
Shixiong Lin 林世雄 2012
Sek Yuen Lui 呂錫源 2012
Gary Guoliang Li 李國梁 2012
Tony Hung 孔德華 2013
Richard Yachao Li 李亞超 2013
Andy Chan 陳晃祐 2013
Raymond Chan 陳榮超 2013

President 會長
Elton Yuen 阮國衡
Vice President 副會長
Peter Sung 宋德柔
Paul Ng 吳嶽林
Treasurer 財務
Elisa Li
Peter Sung 宋德柔

Secretary 秘書
Gary Guoliang Li 李國梁
Andy Chan 陳晃祐
Joseph Tam 譚標成
Bill Brydon 白禮頓

Public Relationship & Promotion 公關推廣
Tony Hung 孔德華
Elton Yuen 阮國衡
SekYuen Lui 呂錫源

Regional Promotion 區域推廣
Tak Hing Tsui 徐德興 China – Hong Kong
Ximing Zheng 鄭熙明 USA – Seattle
Joseph Tam 譚標成 Scarborough – SCCC
Andy Chan 陳晃祐 Markham
Raymond Chan 陳榮超 North York
Gary Guoliang Li 李國梁 Orillia

Youth Development 青年發展
Richard Yachao Li 李亞超
Paul Ng 吳嶽林

Competition 競賽
Peter Sung 宋德柔
Ng YipShing 伍業誠
Lin Shixiong 林世雄

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  1. Michael Aymie says:


    I am trying to promote the stereoscopic version of xiangqi.


    Would you be able to let your members know about this website so they can check it out?

    Thank you,
    Michael Aymie

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