The Indonesia Xiangqi Association’s announcement of the 2011 World Championships – in English

Here by request is an English translation of the Indonesia Xiangqi Association’s announcement that the 2011 World Championships will take place in Jakarta – which we previously provided in Chinese. The translation is courtesy of Elton Yuen.

Beijing on October 27 – According to the Indonesia Star Daily, the Indonesia Xiangqi Association’s (PEXI) Chairman Mr. Lin, ZhongPing announced on October 23 that they will host the World Xiangqi Championships in Jakarta around the end of 2011. They are expected to draw more than 50 countries and regions and more than 500 Xiangqi masters from around the world.

He pointed out that PEXI is hosting the World Xiangqi Championships mainly to promote Chinese culture and to strengthen the communication between Indonesia’s chess players and different countries around the world. PEXI is very glad to be able to host this bi-annual international Xiangqi tournament.

He added during the press conference that the other major purposes for hosting the international competition are to improve his country’s national image, to enhance the level of Indonesia’s Xiangqi players and to develop Indonesian tourism.

“Hopefully our domestic regional Xiangqi association can strengthen the contestants’ game qualifications and experience and repeat the brilliant achievements of 2009.”, Mr. Lin said.

As is known to all, in the 2009 World Championships in Shandong province in China, an Indonesian player won the non Chinese/Vietnamese championship. Indonesia also was 3rd runner-up at the Asian Xiangqi Team tournament in Hong Kong in 1986.

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