2011 Toronto Xiangqi Open Set for July 3 – all welcome!

To celebrate Canada Day, the 2011 Toronto Xiangqi Open is set to begin on Sunday July 3.

Jointly organized by the Toronto Xiangqi Association and the Scarborough Seniors Chess Club, the tournament will take the form of a 7 rounds of Swiss tournament, to be held on three Sundays – July, 3, 10 and 17 (2 to 3 rounds per week).

All rounds will begin at 1 pm at the New Kennedy Square Mall (8360 Kennedy Road. Markham, HW7 and Kennedy Road), the same location of the 2011 New Kennedy Square Xiangqi Open, held earlier this year.

The tournament is open for any Individual. Top three finishers and the top senior player will be rewarded with trophies and cash coupons. Prior registration is welcome. Or just drop by, and we’ll introduce you to one of the world’s great games. The cost of entering the tournament is free, all are welcome.

To register or inquire about the Toronto Xiangqi Open, please phone +1 416-837-1318, email, elyuen@yahoo.com, or use our form.

Below are the official regulations in both English and Chinese.

2011 Toronto Xiangqi Open Regulation

Organizer: Toronto Xiangqi Association (TXA); Scarborough Seniors Chess Club (SSCC)

Event: Individual and Senior Open

Time: Sunday July 3, 7, 17; starting at 1 p.m.

Location: New Kennedy Square Mall (8360 Kennedy Road. Markham, HW7 and Kennedy Road)


  • WXF Rules will be adopted.
  • Seven rounds Swiss system, (2 to 3 rounds per week).
  • Rankings will be decided by match points; opponent’s match points, and total wins.
  • Any player that is absent for 2 rounds is automatically disqualified.


  • Champion – Trophy, and Cash Coupon
  • 1st Runner up – Trophy and Cash Coupon
  • 2nd Runner up – Trophy and Cash Coupon
  • Senior Champion – Trophy and Cash Coupon

Entry Fee: Free; Deposit of $10 will be returned upon completion of tournament.

Presentation: Awards Presentation on July 17 right after the final matches

Chairman: Elton Yuen; Benson Wong

Referees: Peter Sung; Yip Sing Ng; Ying Fai Choi; Lin Tse

Registration & Inquiry:

+1 416-837-1318, elyuen@yahoo.com, www.txa.ca, www.wxf.org



這次比賽由多倫多象棋會、士嘉堡耆英象棋會聯合主辦。為7輪積分循環制,分別於7月3日、10日和17日每星期日下午一時進行,每日進行2或3輪比賽。比賽地點:新旺角廣場(8360 Kennedy Road. Markham, HW7 and Kennedy Road) 。


報名參賽或詢問有關比賽事宜請致電: +1 416-837-1318或發電郵 elyuen@yahoo.com,亦可在比賽首日當場報名。

如需了解詳情,請訪問 www.txa.ca, www.wxf.org.


主辦單位: 多倫多象棋會;士嘉堡耆英象棋會

比賽項目: 個人及耆英公開賽

比賽日期: 7月3日、10日和17日;每星期日下午一時

比賽地點: 新旺角廣場(8360 Kennedy Road. Markham, HW7 and Kennedy Road)

比賽細則: 用世象聯棋例.

獎  勵: 冠军:獎盃,及现金券

報名費用: 免費;押金10元将在完成比赛后归还。

頒 獎: 頒獎禮于7月17日(最后一场比赛后)

组委名单: 主席:阮國衡;黃超雲

報名查詢: +1 416-837-1318或發電郵 elyuen@yahoo.com, www.txa.ca, www.wxf.org

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