Toronto holds first Undercover Xiangqi Open to celebrate the Lunar New Year

undercover-xiangqi-01To celebrate the coming Lunar New Year – the Chinese Year of the Dragon – the First Toronto Undercover Xiangqi Open is set for January 21, 2012.

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What we are calling “Undercover Xiangqi” (揭棋) is a popular Chinese chess variant in which the game begins with the pieces turned upside down so that they can be “uncovered” during play. We do not know a generally accepted English name, although it has been called “Lucky Xiangqi“. Google Translate gives “exposing chess” for 揭棋. “Undercover Xiangqi” is related to another Xiangqi variant called “Banqi“, which is played on half the board. A Chinese language explanation of Undercover Xiangqi’s rules is at the end of this post, after the Chinese version of the tournament notice.

Above to the right is the official event poster. Below it is a diagram of the starting position for Undercover Xiangqi. Click for full-size versions (click on the enlarged image to close it). Here is a large pdf version of the poster.

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The First Toronto Undercover Xiangqi Open is jointly organized by the Toronto Xiangqi Association and the Scarborough Seniors Chess Club, and co-sponsored by New Kennedy Square Mall and City Telecom Inc.

The tournament will take the form of a 7 rounds of Swiss tournament, to be held on January 21 and 22. All rounds begin at 1 pm at the New Kennedy Square Mall (8360 Kennedy Road. Markham, HW7 and Kennedy Road).

The tournament is open for any individual. Top eight finishers will be rewarded with trophies, certificates and gifts. In addition, there will be end game puzzles challenge. Prior registration is welcome. Or just drop by, and we’ll introduce you to one of the world’s great games. The cost of entering the tournament is free (deposit of $10 will be returned upon completion of tournament), all are welcome.

To register or inquire about the Kennedy Square Xiangqi Open, please contact Joseph Tam at +1 416-880-8800 or Elton Yuen at +1 416-837-1318 or by email

For more information, please visit,



這次比賽由多倫多象棋會、士嘉堡耆英象棋會聯合主辦,新旺角廣場、城市電訊贊助。比賽為七輪積分循環制,分別於一月二十一日、二十二日下午一時進行。比賽地點:新旺角廣場(8360 Kennedy Road. Markham, HW7 and Kennedy Road) 。

本次公開賽前八名將獲獎杯, 證書及獎品。歡迎棋友踴躍參加,費用全免 (押金10元將在完成比賽后歸還)。

此外,同時歡迎棋友參加棋壇大挑戰活動,形式包括棋壇、棋局,歡迎象棋愛好者的挑戰及市民觀戰,歡迎現場報名與象棋會的棋手對奕,勝、和圴有獎,獎品豐富。報名參賽或詢問有關比賽事宜,譚標成先生+1 416-880-8800或阮國衡先生+1 416-837-1318或電郵,亦可在比賽首日當場報名。


揭棋簡介 (Introduction to Undercover Xiangqi)




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