Games from North American championships and Markham GM exhibition available at

All the games from the recent North American championships, as well as a selection from the World Champions Challenge Exhibition Games can be read online at the World Xiangqi Federation website.

The 2012 North American championships were held in April in Richmond BC, and were won for Toronto by the team of Zheng ZiMing 郑熙明 and Li YaChao 李亚超. All of the games for this event can be found in the Xiangqi Master Database at, as follows:

A selection of games played by GMs Lu Qin 吕钦 and Xu TianHong 徐天红 at the World Champions Challenge Exhibition in Markham have been placed in a special viewer, and can be viewed in either Chinese or English. is the official site of the World Xiangqi Federation, and is a major source for information about Xiangqi in both Chinese and English. It was created and is maintained by TXA VP, Peter Sung.

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