Wang WeiQiang wins his second consecutive Toronto championship

2012 President Memorial Cup prizewinners

From L to R: Paul Ng, Wang WeiQiang; Xia ShuoMing; unidentified, Benson Wong, Zheng ZhiWei, Guo Lei, Mo ZeWen, Lin ShiXiong, Wang, YiXiang

Mark Wang WeiQiang (王伟强) defeated Xia ShuoMing (夏守明) to win the President Memorial Cup in a match played July 29 at New Kennedy Square.

The victory gives Wang his second Toronto Open Championship. Wang and Xia won the right to play for the title by finishing first and second in a seven-round Swiss.

Wang WeiQiang’s fourth round win against 2010 Toronto champion, Lin ShiXiong

Zheng ZhiWei (郑志伟) defeated Guo, Lei (郭磊) to take third place. Mo ZeWen (莫泽文) of the Scarborough Seniors Club was the top senior.

The 2012 Toronto Open Championship has been renamed the President Memorial Cup in honour of TXA vice president and co-founder Lee Kwok Cheung 李國章先生 who passed away earlier this year.

More photos can be found on the TXA’s Facebook group.

Here are the official results, supplied by Elton Yuen:

2012 Toronto Open Final Result:
2012 年多伦多象棋公开赛最终结果:
1 Wang, WeiQiang Mark 王伟强
2 Xia, ShuoMing 夏守明
3 Zheng, ZhiWei 郑志伟
4 Guo, Lei 郭磊
5th to 8th place as follow:
5 Lin, ShiXiong 林世雄
6 Wang, YiXiang 王义祥
7 Chen, Lin 陈林
8 Huang, JiaMing 黄家明
Senior Champion goes to Mo, ZeWen

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