Jiangsu’s top players to visit Markham September 21

A team of top Xiangqi players from China’s Jiangsu Province will be at New Kennedy Square on September 21 at 6 p.m.

Xu TianHong is presented with a certificate of welcome from Markham mayor Frank Scarpitti from Councillors Alan Ho and Gordon Landon.

Grandmaster Xu TianHong is welcomed by Markham Councillors Alan Ho and Gordon Landon in 2012

The team will be led by Grandmaster Xu Tianhong (徐天红), who last visited Markham in May 2012. The 1989 Chinese champion and 1993 world champion will be accompanied by:

The Jiangsu players will exhibit their skills in games against the public and also attend a dinner. The entire event will take place in the New Mongkok Restaurant. If you would like to join in, you are welcome to contact us at 416 587-6818 or txa1988@yahoo.com. The cost is $25.

This visit was originally scheduled for July of this year, and had to be postponed. We look forward to welcoming our friends from Jiangsu.

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