Li YaChao wins Barrie speed tournament, Paul Ng comes out of retirement to take second

Li YaChao accepts the winner's trophy

Li YaChao accepts the winner’s trophy

The speed Xiangqi tournaments we have held in 2013, unprecedented in our history, have turned into a “Grand Prix” competition.

The top eight prize winners will square off in December to determine an overall champion. Our fourth tournament, which took place in Barrie on September 29, added two more names to the list.

Richard Li YaChao 李亞超, Toronto champion in 2009, won the tournament with a near perfect score. TXA Vice President Paul Ng 吳嶽林 was first runner-up and the only player to draw with Richard.

Two time Toronto champion Paul Ng

Two time Toronto champion Paul Ng

It was Paul’s first tournament since … I don’t know when. We’ll have to keep him playing now.

Guan Aihong 關靄洪 edged out Jimmy Yao 姚建華 for second runner-up. Guan has a chance to qualify for the December final, depending on the result of the November tournament.

Special thanks to Marty’s Coffee Bistro for providing a wonderful venue for our event.

Congratulations to all the prize winners, and thanks to all who made the trip to Barrie. The table below gives the full results of the Barrie tournament. The full results are at the bottom of this post.


Results of Speed Xiangqi Tournament, Barrie, September 29 2013

Richard Yaochao Li 李亞超 1500Orillia6.512:W 12:W 8:W 2:D 5:W 3:W 6:W
Paul Ng 吳嶽林 1500614:W 14:W 5:D 1:D 6:W 4:W 12:W
Aihong Guan 關靄洪 15004.516:W 16:W 7:W 12:D 9:W 1:L 5:W
Jimmy Yao 姚建華 15004.511:W 11:W 9:W 5:D 12:W 2:L13:W
Hongwei Wang 王紅偉 150047:W 7:W 2:D4:D 1:L 12:W 3:L
Boris Guo 郭磊 1725413:W 13:W 10:W 8:W 2:L 7:W 1:L
Andy Chan 陳晃祐 189845:L 5:L 3:L 10:W 8:W 6:L 14:W
Haiou Ji 季海鷗 1500410:W 10:W 1:L 6:L 7:L 13:W 15:W
Gary Guoliang Li 李國梁 1906Orillia315:W 15:W 4:L 14:W 3:L 11:W 16:L
Kenny Lien-Yu Bei 別聯裕 1355Orillia38:L 8:L 6:L 7:L 14:W 16:W 11:L
Jintang Tan 譚錦棠 1500Orillia34:L4:L 16:W 13:W 15:L 9:L 10:W
Tom Chengqian Zhu 主承前 16522.51:L1:L 14:W 3:D 4:L 5:L 2:L
Ken He 何宽源 1500Orillia26:L 6:L 15:W 11:L 16:W 8:L 4:L
John Lin 林中 1500Orillia22:L 2:L 12:L 9:L10:L 15:W 7:L
ShioKuan Wan 尹兆坤 150029:L 9:L 13:L16:W 11:W 14:L 8:L
Patrick Zhao 趙文革 1807Orillia13:L 3:L 11:L 15:L 13:L 10:L 9:W
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