Wang WeiQiang wins speed Xiangqi final and his second Toronto championship of 2013

Wang WeiQiang beat Li YaoChao and then won his fourth straight Toronto championship.

Wang WeiQiang (R) beat Li YaoChao and then won his fourth straight Toronto championship.

The Silver Jubilee Cup, our fifth and final speed tournament of 2013, ended in triumph for Mark Wang WeiQiang 王偉強. The winner of the last three (slow) Toronto championships finished clear first with 5.5/7. As this was a championship final, Mark has now won four straight Toronto championships.

2013 SpeedFinal ResultsRichard Li YaoChao Li 李亞超, the 2009 Toronto champion, was the runner-up, with 4.5/7. Xia ShaoMing 夏守明, took third place, with 4/7.

The tournament took place on December 22, the day after a major ice storm blacked out half a million people in the Greater Toronto Area and made driving treacherous. Two qualified players couldn’t make it, and as a result, three substitutes entered the tournament (Paul Ng 吳嶽林 had previously dropped out). Xia was one of these substitutes.

TXA president, Elton Yuen, the surprise winner of the November tournament, finished fourth on tie-break ahead of Lin Chen 陳林. Both scored 3.5/7. Li Chen 陳利, the only player who beat Mark, Lin ShiXiong 林世雄, 2010 Toronto Champion, and Jimmy Yao 姚建華, runner-up in two Toronto championships, rounded out the field.

The round robin tournament took place at New Kennedy Square and was jointly organized by the Toronto Xiangqi Association and the Scarborough Seniors Club. It was sponsored by New Kennedy Square and Willow Springs Winery. The time control was 10 minutes per game plus 10 seconds.

A blow-by-blow account of the tournament in Chinese can be read on the TXA’s Facebook Group.

Up-to-date tables that show the results of all of this year’s speed tournaments and the list of qualifiers can be found in this post and also below. Above these are a gallery of pictures of the tournament.

Click on any image for a larger version, use the small arrows (>>) at the bottom of each enlarged image to scroll through the gallery, and click on any enlarged image to close the gallery.

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Results of TXA Speed Xiangqi Tournaments, 2013

Season Champion 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up
Spring - February Zheng Ziwei (鄭志偉 Zhang Shanhang 張善行 Li Chen 陳利
Summer - June Mark Wang WeiQiang 王伟强 Zhang Shanhang 張善行 Zheng Ziwei 鄭志偉
Autumn – September Richard Li YaChao 李亞超 Paul Ng 吳嶽林 Aihong Guan 關靄洪
Winter – November Elton Yuen 阮國衡Zhang Shanhang 張善行 Li Chen 陳利
Final – DecemberMark Wang WeiQiang 王伟强 Richard Li YaChao 李亞超Shaoming Xia 夏守明

Qualifiers for Speed Tournament Final, December 2013

Zheng Ziwei (鄭志偉        Q1 Champion
Mark Wang WeiQiang 王伟强 Q2 ChampionQualified
Richard Li YaChao 李亞超            Q3 ChampionQualified
Elton Yuen 阮國衡Q4 ChampionQualified
Zhang Shanhang 張善行Q1, Q2, Q4 1st Runner upQualified, not Available
Paul Ng 吳嶽林 Q3 runner-upQualified, not Available
Li Chen 陳利Q1, Q4 2nd Runner upQualified
Aihong Guan 關靄洪 Q3 2nd Runner upQualified, not Available
Shuoming Xia 夏守明 Q2, Q3 3rd Runner upQualified as substitute
Jimmy Yao 姚建華Q3 3rd Runner upQualified as substitute
Lin Chen 陳林Q4 3rd Runner upQualified as substitute



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