Mark Wang wins again – takes this year’s second speed tournament

Play in progress and Marty's Coffee Bistro in Barrie

Play in progress and Marty’s Coffee Bistro in Barrie

Mark Wang WeiQiang 王偉強 demonstrated that he is clearly the GTA’s top player by winning our second speed tournament of the year ahead of three former Toronto Champions and the winner of this year’s first speed tournament.

The runner up was Lin ShiXiong 林世雄, the 2010 Toronto Champion. Third went to Xia ShuoMing 夏守明, runner up in the 2012 Toronto Championship. Fourth was 2009 Toronto Champion, Richard Li YaChao 李亞超, and fifth was Paul Ng 吳嶽林, Toronto Champion in 1981 and 1987.

Mark Wang and Lin ShiXiong have now qualified for the 2014 speed Xiangqi final, to be held in December.

The tournament was jointly organized by the Toronto Xiangqi Association and the Scarborough Seniors Chess Club. It was held at Marty’s Coffee Bistro in Barrie on May 25.

There is a post in Chinese about the tournament on our Facebook page.

Cross table of speed Xiangqi  tournament held in Barrie, May 25, 2014

Cross Table

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