Welcome visitors to Harbourfront Centre!

Whether you are coming to this site from Harbourfront’s China Now festival, or wish that you were, you’re very welcome.

Downloadable PDF introducing Xiangqi

Downloadable PDF introducing Xiangqi

The Toronto Xiangqi Association is Toronto’s leading Xiangqi (Chinese chess) club. Most of our activities take place in Markham, but our players come from all over the GTA. We are affiliated with the Scarborough Seniors Chess Club, which offers great opportunities for regular play.

If you are an experienced player, the Toronto Xiangqi Open Championship takes place on July 26 and August 3. Why not give it a shot? We welcome all skill levels.

If you are new to Chinese chess, you’re welcome to come to New Kennedy Square to see the Toronto Open. One of our members will be happy to give you a lesson.

If you know nothing about Xiangqi, here are a few links to get you started:

  • If you have questions or requests, you can join our Facebook Group or use our contact form.
  • Here’s a pdf download that introduces the game.
  • The English language Wikipedia article offers a starting point, but doesn’t really provide the full picture (the Chinese and Vietnamese versions are better).
  • The website for the World Xiangqi Federation (maintained from here in Toronto) lists clubs all over the world, and has resources for beginners, including free downloadable books in English.
  • There’s an online computer program at wxf.org. That’s a good way to learn the Chinese characters on the pieces.
  • For more resources, check the link lists at wxf.org and on the sidebar of this site.

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