Speed Xiangqi final set for January 18 at New Kennedy Square

The top players from the four Speed Xiangqi tournaments held in 2014 will play off on Sunday January 18 to decide the overall championship.

This is the second running of what will most likely be an annual event. Our 2013 Speed Xiangqi champion was Mark Wang WeiQiang 王偉強, winner of the last four Toronto (slow) championships, and recently second runner up in the North American championships.

Mark Wang WeiQiang 王偉強

Mark Wang

On January 18, Mark will be challenged by 2010 Toronto champion  Lin ShiXiong 林世雄, 2009 Toronto champion, Li YaChao李亚超, four time Toronto champion prize winner, Jimmy Yao 姚建华, and four more of Toronto’s best Xiangqi players (see below).

The tournament will take place at New Kennedy Square in Markham, site of the newly inaugurated Markham Xiangqi Association headquarters. All our welcome to come and watch – and all are welcome to play in our first 2015 Speed Xiangqi tournament – the date will be announced soon.

For more information, join/go to our Facebook group, or sent email to txa1988@yahoo.com.

Below are tables that show the prize winners in our four 2014 Speed Xiangqi tournaments, and also a table that shows the field for the January 18 final. My apologies for not having put the results of the third and fourth tournaments on this site. The third was held at Willow Springs Winery near Stouffville. The fourth was held at New Kennedy Square.

Results of TXA Speed Xiangqi Tournaments, 2014

Season Champion 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up
Spring - February Jimmy Yao 姚建華 Wang HongWei 王红偉
Li Chen 陳利
Summer - June Mark Wang WeiQiang 王伟强 Lin ShiXiong 林世雄
Xia ShuoMing 夏守明
Autumn –
Chen Lin 陳林Jimmy Yao 姚建華 Lin ShiXiong 林世雄
Winter – November Richard Li YaChao 李亞超Xia ShuoMing 夏守明
Li DongHui 李東輝
Final – January 2015TBDTBDTBD

Qualifiers for 2014 Speed Tournament Final, January 2015

Jimmy Yao 姚建華    Q1 Champion
Mark Wang WeiQiang 王伟强 Q2 ChampionQualified
Chen Lin 陳林     Q3 ChampionQualified, not Available
Richard Li YaChao 李亞超Q4 ChampionQualified
Wang HongWei 王红偉Q1 Runner upQualified
Lin ShiXiong 林世雄Q3 Runner-up, Q4 2nd Runner upQualified
Xia ShuoMing 夏守明Q4 Runner up, Q2 2nd Runner upQualified
Li Chen 陳利 Q1 2nd Runner upQualified as substitute
Li DongHui 李東輝 Q4 2nd Runner upQualified as substitute
Ji Haiou 季海鷗Q4 3rd Runner upQualified as substitute
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