Leading Chinese Xiangqi broadcaster offers free online classes for children

Xiangqi master Chen Dong

Xiangqi master Chen Dong

The Chinese version of this post can be found at www.meipian.cn.

Xiangqi Master and online broadcaster Chen Dong of Inner Mongolia, together with the Toronto and Markham Xiangqi Associations, will be offering a free online program to introduce Xiangqi to young overseas Chinese people, and help them experience the profundity of traditional Chinese culture.

The first online broadcast will take place on Saturday, May 2 at 9 a.m. EST (Toronto) time.

Scannable imageThe classes will be taught in Mandarin and are free of charge. Parents will be welcome to join their children during class. This can be a method, not just of learning Xiangqi, but of practising Mandarin.

To register, you will need a WeChat account. If you scan the code in the accompanying image, you will be able to join a WeChat group set up by TXA president, Elton Yuen. Once you are in the group, you will be able to click on a link and go to the server where Master Chen will give instruction.

The first to register will be the first served. The following information will be required:

Parent’s name and WeChat name
Child’s name, age and gender
Language spoken
Do you know how to play chess?

Children who complete the first 15 sessions of the first program will receive a training Xiangqi set from the TXA.

Xiangqi set

Xiangqi set

Chen Dong is one of China’s leading Xiangqi broadcasters and has hosted many major events. As the official anchor of the 2019 National Chess League, he set an online viewing record of 3.66 million viewers during a single game. Details about his career, including games that he has played, can be found at www.01xq.com.

For more information contact Elton Yuen at txa1988@yahoo.com.

Below is the official poster for Master Dong’s educational program.

official TXA poster

official TXA poster

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