Players from all nations invited to play in first Toronto Undercover Internet Xiangqi Open

Undercover Xiangqi in Toronto

Undercover Xiangqi in Toronto

The fifth running of the Toronto Undercover Xiangqi Open will be the first to take place on the Internet since the tournament was first held in 2012.

This special Internet Open is scheduled to be held from June 6 to June 7, 2020, Toronto time on the Tencent Mobile Xiangqi platform.

The event is hosted by the Toronto Xiangqi Association and the Markham Xiangqi Association and is co-organized by the American Undercover Xiangqi Association together with Daqing Pengcheng Xiangqi Club and the Haomeng Qi Club.

Results of previous tournaments

Players from all countries are welcome to join. Many Chinese players have been invited to join this competition, including local and national masters and national women masters in order to spread Chinese culture and show their national spirit.

Those who wish to play must register through WeChat following the instructions below.


Organizers: Toronto Xiangqi Association; Markham Xiangqi Association

Co-organizers: American Undercover Xiangqi Association, Daqing Pengcheng Xiangqi Club, Haomeng Qi Club

Organizing Committee

  • Chairman: Peter Sung, Toronto Xiangqi Association Honorary President
  • Vice Chairman: Elton Yuen, Toronto Xiangqi Association President, Paul Ng, Markham Xiangqi Association President
  • Chief Referee: Ms, Cui, Yan, Xiangqi National Referee
  • Chief Choreographer: Zizhu, Haomeng Qi Club
  • Contact: Fang, Yue, Toronto Xiangqi Association, Stephen Cao, American Undercover Xiangqi Association


1, Time of play: June 6 and 7, 2020 at 9 p.m. Beijing time (9 a.m. EST)

2. Location: Hao Meng Qi Club Room (839062)

3. Time control: 15’+0”, 3’ move time

4. Number of rounds: 13 rounds Swiss System

5. Groups and Prizes: The prizes will be awarded according to the region of the players, There is an Open Group, the Americas group, the Grand Toronto Area group and the Women’s group. Players can win more than one award and the prize distribution plan is as follows:

  • Prize distribution for first online Toronto Undercover Xiangqi OpenPlayers in the Greater Toronto Area Group can win one to three prizes.
  • Players in the Americas group can win one to two prizes.
  • Female players can win two to four prizes.

Registration and Other Information

Players in all countries will be charged a registration fee of 50 Yuan. All registration fees will be used as player rewards. The cost differential will be absorbed by the organizing committee. Applicants must be screened by the organizing committee to check if they are suspected of using gaming software.

Successful registration requires submitting the registration information and paying the registration fee. The deadline for registration for this competition is 23:59 EST on June 4 2020, 11:59 on June 5 in Beijing.

Board and Prizes

Board and Prizes

To register, please contact anyone of the following organizing committee members through WeChat:

  • Old Five (WeChat ID: hmqs666888hmqs) – China Region
  • Unintentional (WeChat ID: B20060722) – Canada & Other Area
  • Stephen (WeChat ID: Stephenchung29) – USA & Other Area

The players will then be invited to the “Toronto Undercover Xiangqi Open” WeChat group to submit the registration information and registration fee.

Registration format: Nationality + City + Name + Nickname + ID + Level
Example: China + Zhangyu + Haomeng Purple Bamboo (Laowu) + w105237522 + 9-2

All contestants need the “Tencent Tiantian Xiangqi” App. After all matches in each round, the chief referee will count the scores, arrange the match table for the next round, publish it in the WeChat group, and announce the start time of the next round. Competing players are required to find their own tables and successive positions according to the published match table, and enter the seats on time. Players who are more than five minutes late for the game will be forfeited.

All players are strictly prohibited from using any software, plug-in and other cheating programs during the competition. Once found, the player will be disqualified directly, and the cheating account will be handed over to the Tiantian Xiangqi platform for further investigation and punishment.

Tiantian Xiangqi platform rules will be adopted. A 13-round Swiss System tournament will be run and results will be based on individual total game points. If the game points are the same, the opponent points, wins, fouls, # black wins, and # black rounds are compared in turn for tie-breaking.

After the end of the competition, the organizing committee will publish the final scores and winners of each competition group in the “Toronto Undercover Xiangqi Open” WeChat group. All winning players are requested to contact the organizing committee who will release the prizes.

First tournament - 2012

First tournament – 2012

Second tournament - 2017

Second tournament – 2017

Third tournament - 2018

Third tournament – 2018

Fourth Tournament - 2019

Fourth tournament – 2019


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