Throughout its history, the Toronto Xiangqi Association has thrived on events. Every year, our players fight hard for the Toronto Championship, and then bond together to represent the city in national and international competitions.

Toronto Championships

We’ve been organizing Toronto championships longer than we’ve officially existed as a club: 2013 marks the 25th anniversary of the TXA and the 35th anniversary of the Toronto Xiangqi Championship!

  • The greatest Toronto champions include Nguyen Phuc and Peter Sung, each with two titles, and Huang YuYing and Zheng XiMing, each with three titles.
  • Check out full Toronto Championship records and also recent news.

Canadian and North American Championships

The Canadian Xiangqi Championships were held from 1987 to 2006, and then incorporated into the North American championship.

World Championships

The world championships are held every two years by the World Xiangqi Federation, and as a WXF club, we always send a team.

  • Huang, YuYing won the World Women Championship in Singapore in 1995.
  • Nguyen, Phuc was Non-Chinese 2nd Runner Up in Hong Kong in 1997.
  • Bill Brydon won the Non-Asian group 5th place in Shanghai in 1999.

International Tournaments

  • Nguyen Phuc was 11th at the very strong 3rd Forshang Cup in Hawaii 1999.
  • Stephen Fung won 12th place at the Shenyang World Champion Tournament in 1999.

Exhibitions By Chinese Stars

  • In 1993, Grand Masters Yang GuanLin, Lu Qin and Xu TinHong visited Toronto.
  • In 1994, Grand Masters Liu DaHua and Cai FuRu visited Toronto.
  • In 1996, Grand Masters Zhao GouRong, Liu DianZhong and Lin HongMin visited Toronto.
  • In 1998, Grand Master Tao HanMing gave a 13-game simul, and Grand Masters Zhao GuoFeng and Gao Hua played exhibition games in Toronto.
  • In 2012, Grandmasters Lu Qin and Xu TianHong played simultaneous exhibitions in Markham.
  • In 2012, Grandmaster Cai FuRu gave a lecture and simultaneous exhibition in Markham.

Special Activities

  • Exhibition Games at Chinese cultural events
  • Toronto Orillia match in 2012
  • Philippines -Toronto Xiangqi Friendship Exhibition Game in 1999
  • Millennium Canada Day Cup – Nguyen, Phuc became the Champion of Toronto’s Champions; tournaments were held for children and seniors.

New York – Toronto Xiangqi Challenge Games

Toronto dominated for years, but New York won 6 times in a row, from 1996 to 2002. The event has not been held since then. Toronto’s record stands at 4W, 1D, 7L.

Internet Tournaments And Exhibitions

  • ICCS USA/Taiwan/Canada Leitai Series – 1st in January 1994, 2nd in February 1995
  • ICCS Melbourne-Toronto Xiangqi Challenge – July 1994
  • ICCS Team Tournament – 1st in February 1996, 2nd in February 1997 with teams from Asia, North America and Europe
  • August 1994: six-game exhibition by Chinese Grand Masters Liu DaHua and Cai FuRu on ICCS
  • September 1995: six-game exhibition on ICCS by legendary Chinese Grand Master Hu RongHua
  • October 1996: six-game exhibitions by Chinese Grand Masters Zhao GouRong, Liu DianZhong and Lin HongMin on on ICCS
  • VBICCS Grand Opening 4 Teams Contest
  • 2003 Tai Li Cheong Metals Cup Team Tournament

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