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Toronto Championships 1978 to 2014 - Top Three Finishers

No. Year1st 2nd3d
1 1978 HowTsang Ng 吳孝曾 Peter Sung 宋德柔 HenLung Ng 吳漢龍
2 1979 AnBo Yeung 楊安保 Danny AuYueng 區陽惆 Can Chan 陳鏡榮
3 1980 Paul Ng 吳嶽林 [PuiHan Cheung] 張培興 Lin Lam 林令
4 1981Peter Sung 宋德柔 [PuiHan Cheung] 張培興Paul Ng 吳嶽林
5 1982Peter Sung 宋德柔[Banh Phung] 彭方 [PuiHan Cheung] 張培興
6 1983James Tan 陳國平 Elton Yuen 阮國衡 WaiMing Nguyen 阮維明
7 1984[PuiHan Cheung] 張培興 Peter Sung 宋德柔 Steve Wong 黃家穩
8 1985 VanAn Ly 李文安 Paul Ng 吳嶽林 Stephen Fung 馮輔莊
9 1986Peter Sung 宋德柔 Paul Ng 吳嶽林 Van An Ly 李文安
10 1987Paul Ng 吳嶽林 Peter Sung 宋德柔 Stephen Fung 馮輔莊
11 1988Stephen Fung 馮輔莊 Peter Sung 宋德柔 ManKit Chung 鍾文傑
1989-1992 Not Organized
12 1993 Steve Wong 黃家穩 Peter Sung 宋德柔 YuYing Huang 黃玉瑩
13 1994YuYing Huang 黃玉瑩 Steve Wong 黃家穩 Peter Sung 宋德柔
14 1995 YuYing Huang 黃玉瑩 Phuc Nguyen 阮友福 Billy Kwok 郭漢林
15 1996Steve Wong 黃家穩 YuYing Huang 黃玉瑩 Phuc Nguyen 阮友福
16 1997Phuc Nguyen 阮友福 Cong Nguyen 阮公 Peter Sung 宋德柔
17 1998 Phuc Nguyen 阮友福 YuYing Huang 黃玉瑩 Paul Ng 吳嶽林
18 1999 Phuc Nguyen 阮友福 Peter Sung 宋德柔 YuYing Huang 黃玉瑩
19 2000Stephen Fung 馮輔莊 YuYing Huang 黃玉瑩 Edward Chow 周文清
20 2001Phuc Nguyen 阮友福 YuYing Huang 黃玉瑩 Paul Ng 吳嶽林
21 2002 YuYing Huang 黃玉瑩 Zhong Xu XiMing Zheng 郑熙明
222003XiMing Zheng 郑熙明 Jimmy Yao 姚建华 Paul Ng 吳嶽林
232004 XiMing Zheng 郑熙明 Jimmy Yao 姚建华 Xu JiaLiang 徐家良
23 2005 Peter Sung 宋德柔 XiMing Zheng 郑熙明 Jimmy Yao 姚建华
24 2006 Zheng, Ximing 郑熙明 Sung, Peter 宋德柔 Li, Dong Hui 李东辉
25 2007 Wang Lin 王林 XiMing Zheng 郑熙明 Billy Lam
27 2008Zhang, YaoGuang 张耀光 Lin, ShiXiong 林世雄Li, YaChao李亚超
28 2009 Li, YaChao李亚超 Lin, ShiXiong 林世雄 Zhang, YaoGuang 张耀光
29 2010Lin ShiXiong 林世雄 Li DongHui 李东辉 Feng Ming 冯明
30 2011Wang WeiQiang 王伟强Li ZhiLian 李治连 Li YaChao 李亚超
312012Wang, WeiQiang Mark 王伟强Xia, ShuoMing 夏守明Zheng, ZhiWei 郑志伟
322013Wang, WeiQiang Mark 王伟强Zheng, ZhiWei 郑志伟Lin, ShiXiong 林世雄
332014Wang, WeiQiang Mark 王伟强Lin, ShiXiong 林世雄 Jimmy Yao 姚建华
* Square brackets [ ] indicate that the player has passed away

Toronto Championships 1978 to 2014 - Honour Roll

Peter Sung4721428
YuYing Huang342919
Phuc Nguyen411615
XiMing Zheng321614
Paul Ng224814
Wang WeiQiang400412
Lin ShiXiong131510
Steve Wong
Stephen Fung20248
Zhang Peixing12148
Jimmy Yao02246
Li, YaChao10235
Zhang, YaoGuang10124
VanAn Ly10124
HowTsang Ng10013
AnBo Yeung10013
Banh Phung10013
James Tan10013
Wang Lin10013
Li, Dong Hui01123
Zheng, ZhiWei01123
Elton Yuen01012
Cong Nguyen01012
Zhong Xu01012
Xia, ShuoMing 01012
Danny AuYueng01012
Can Chan00111
Lin Lam00111
WaiMing Nguyen00111
ManKit Chung00111
Billy Kwok00111
Edward Chow00111
Xu JiaLiang00111
Billy Lam00111
Feng Ming00111
HenLung Ng01111
Three points for 1st, two points for 2nd, one point for 3d

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