1. Name

  • The Association is named the Toronto Xiangqi Association.
  • Abbreviated as TXA (Hereafter referred to as the Association).

2. Objects

  • The objects of the Association are:
  • To promote the practice of Xiangqi in the Greater Toronto Area.
  • To organize and develop Xiangqi activities and recreation.
  • To arrange matches and competitions, and to establish and to grant prizes, awards and distinctions.
  • To promote exchanges and cooperation among Xiangqi organizations in various cities, regions, countries through Xiangqi activities.
  • To enhance friendship among people as well as Xiangqi fans and players of all nations.

3. Special Provisions

  • For the purpose of the objects, the Association accepts gifts, donations and bequests.
  • The Association shall be carried on without the purpose of gain for its members, and any profits or other accretions to the Association shall be used in promoting its objects.

4. Membership

  • Anyone interested in Xiangqi and is willing to abide the Constitution of the Association can apply for membership.
  • Annual membership fee for regular member is $12.00 Canadian.
  • Annual membership fee for director member is $200.00 Canadian.
  • Application for regular member must be approved by the Executive Committee.
  • Application for director member must be nominated by at least 2 directors and approved by the Executive Committee.

5. Obligations and rights of regular and director members

  • All members shall abide the Constitution of the Association and observe the decisions and resolutions adopted at the Congress.
  • All members shall pay annual membership fee.
  • All members have the right to participate in the official competitions and activities of the Association.
  • Director members shall have the right to attend the Congress meetings with the right to vote, to elect and to be elected.
  • Regular members may attend the Congress meeting and be elected but without the right to vote, to elect.

6. Penalties and termination of membership

  • The Executive Committee has the right to penalties a member who has seriously violated the Constitution, failed to observe the decision and resolutions or failed to pay annual membership fee.
  • The penalty may be a warning, ceasing his/her right to participate any official competitions and activities or expelling his/her membership from the Association.
  • Member wishes to withdraw the membership from the Association shall send the Secretariat a written request. Decision of suspension, expulsion or acceptance of withdrawal shall be made by the Executive Committee.
  • Member withdrawn his/her membership shall not claim for refund of the membership fee.

7. Congress

  • The Congress is the supreme authority of the Association.
  • The Congress shall meet annually (in December) and shall be summoned by the Secretary.
  • The Congress meeting will be chaired by the President. In the absence of the President, the Executive Committee will elect one of the Vice President to take the chair.
  • The Executive Committee may decide the summoning of an extraordinary Congress meeting if necessary.

8. Executive Committee

  • In the interval between the Congress meetings, the Executive Committee will exercise the leadership of the Association.
  • The Executive Committee is elected by the Congress and consists of a President, 2 Vice-Presidents, 4 Secretaries, 2 Treasurers and 2 or more Committee Directors. Other members of the working commissions will be decided and appointed by the Executive Committee.
  • The Executive Committee members hold an office of a period of 4 years and may be reelected.
  • The Executive Committee members shall try it best to meet on a monthly basis with a minimum of 6 directors attending.

9. Amendments and interpretation of the Constitution

  • Any amendments to the Constitution must be approved by the Executive Committee.
  • The final interpretation right of the Constitution belongs to the Executive Committee.

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