The North American Championships

In 2006, the well-established and successful Canadian championships were expanded to include US cities through the creation of the North American Championships.

In this event, two players represent each club or city, and both team and individual champions are crowned. The winning team is considered to be the champion of either Canada or the US, and the highest finishing team in the other country can claim the championship of that country.

Toronto won the first North American team championship in 2006, won a second in 2012, and a third in 2014. According to tradition, as the first team to win three times, we were given the trophy. This effectively adds three Canadian championships to our pre-2006 total of six – we have won nine Canadian championships in total.

Zheng XiMing, who won the Canadian individual championship in 2004, won the first North American individual championship in 2006, and was runner-up in both 2011 and 2012.

The tables below show the team and individual results of the North American championships up to the present.

North American Championships - Team Results

YearTeamsChampion2nd3rdCanadian ChampionUS Champion
2006 - Vancouver6Individual OnlyN/AN/AN/AN/A
2006 - San Francisco8TorontoUnited EastSan FranciscoTorontoUnited East
2008 - Edmonton9VancouverSan FranciscoTorontoVancouverSan Francisco
2010 - Chicago15VancouverHoustonNew YorkVancouverHouston
2011 - Calgary14United CenterCalgaryHoustonCalgaryUnited Center
2012 - Richmond16TorontoChicagoUnited CenterTorontoChicago
2014 - New Jersey15TorontoNew JerseySan Francisco

North American Championship Records - Individual Results

2006 - Vancouver鄭熙明 Ximing Zhang (Toronto)程頌理 ChungLi Cheng (Calgary)顧億慶 YiQing Gu (Vancouver)
2006 - San FranciscoTeam onlyN/AN/A
2008 - Edmonton紀中啟 John Qi (United East)馬雲潤 YunRun Ma (Calgary)王君天 Cuong Vuong (Edmonton)
2010 - Chicago胡玉山 YuShan Hu (Huston)阮有科 Youke Yue (Los Angeles)杜國勝 YoGi Do (United Center)
2011 - Calgary彭佳文 Oscar Peng (United East)鄭熙明 Ximing Zhang (Toronto)杜國勝 YoGi Do (United Center)
2012 - Richmond沈浩 Gary Shen (Los Angeles)鄭熙明 Ximing Zhang (Toronto)胡玉山 YuShan Hu (Huston)
2014 - New Jersey 胡 全 Michael HU (New Jersey)郑熙明 Zheng XiMing (Toronto)王伟强 Mark Wang WeiQiang (Toronto)

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